2021 Fundraising Projects

BOB Rewards Club is a tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) organization.  Help us meet our 2021 fundraising goals by making a donation to our campaigns.  We'll accept any type of gift you have to give including but not limited to:  Cash Donations, Transfer of Real Estate, Silent Auctions, Event Tickets, Discounted Leasing Space, Gift Cards, Antiques and Rare Merchandise, Vehicles and Motorcrafts, and anything of value.

  • Capital Real Estate Fund: Minneapolis

    Capital Real Estate Fund: Minneapolis

    Do you have any commercial property you could lease to us at a discounted rate or can donate to our cause?

  • Capital Staffing Fund: Minneapolis

    Capital Staffing Fund: Minneapolis

    We operate a full-service operation that requires full-time staff, can you donate some of your time to help us serve Black Communities across the United States?

  • Virtual Business and Skill-Based Training

    Virtual Business and Skill-Based Training

    You don't need a college degree to start and operate a business, but you do need to know the basics about core business principles. We offer complete comprehensive business industry training at the most affordable rate, can you support the business learning of a BOB Member for $2500 or $50 per/training which includes training materials?

  • Virtual Office Campaign: Minneapolis

    Virtual Office Campaign: Minneapolis

    Black Businesses often lack the resources and support structure needed to operate efficiently, will you sponsor a BOB Virtual Office for only $50/per/month for one year?

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