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  1. Changing Ownership: Homes and Businesses 

  2. Intercity Migration From Rondo to Eastside of Saint Paul

  3. Lack of Home Ownership (Generational Poverty) Leads To Homelessness. 

  4. The Effects of Immigration on the Native Black Community

  5. Does BIPOC really help Native Black Americans?

  6. Reparations For The Destruction of Homes and Businesses in the Rondo Community (#CutTheCheck)

  7. How Does The socio-political apparatus impact business development in Rondo?

  8. What Role Do the Church and Bad Relationships play in the downfall of the Native Black Community?

  9. Public Safety and Crime Statistics

  10. Parenting Your Children - Are You Ready for a Crime Bill Targeting Black Youth?

  11. Are Blacks Protected Under The 2nd Amendment? "The Case of Philando Castile".

  12. Why haven't the successful former Black residents invested in their Black Communities?

MLK NOW 2023
"The Impact of Gentrification on Rondo: The Downfall of Economic Development in the Native Black Community".  
Saturday, January 14th, 2023
Wilder Conference Center


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451 University Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55104

Discussion Topics

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