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Our Board. Makes the difference. 

Board of Directors

The following Board of Directors were approved for office on January 15, 2021

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Michelle Gibson Webb

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Meet Michelle Gibson Webb, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BOB Rewards Club. She was born in Tacoma Washington, raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and Graduated from Saint Agnes High School, the University of Minnesota, and Cardinal Stritch University. From an early age, she wanted to own a business and help other people become better individuals. Humble, she never strives for personal monetary gain without having an intrinsic mission to change obstacles in other people's life. The love, care, and compassion that she has shown others are deeply embedded in her DNA.

Jasmine Gant

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Vice President

Jasmine Patton Gant grew-up in a multi-generational, organic eating, family in the inner-city of Los Angeles, California. Jasmine attended Mount Saint Mary's University and from Mount Sierra College, with a background in Biochemistry and Information Technology. After graduation, she began the development of Emagine Aromatherapy, now known as Aromastories. She apprenticed with a Mayan Medicine Man harvesting and distilling long lost essentials oils indigenous to the California coast and desert.

Lavell Conway

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Michael Chaney

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Board Advisor

Annette Butler Bryant

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Annette Butler Bryant enjoys traveling and coaching other people that she established a business called Ohenewaa Travel now known as Queen Mama Heals, where she is a Transformation Healing Coach, which fits her perfectly because she is the mother of 6 children (5 sons, 1 daughter and has 13 grandchildren). Annette Butler Bryant was born in Chicago, grew-up in Bellwood, Illinois, but currently resides in Minnesota.

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