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Learn How You Can Support A BOB Member.

All of your Donations are 100% tax-deductible, BOB Rewards Club is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  If you require a personalized receipt letter, please contact us at or (888) 665-5955

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Virtual Office For 1 Year

$600 pays for 1 BOB Virtual Office, Includes a Physical Address, Full-Service Office Staff, Access to many Marketing, Advertising, Social Media and Promotional  Products plus 24/7/365 Live Telephone Answering Services and Mail Correspondence.  

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The cost is calculated as $50 per/month times 12 months, which is reduced by 50% off our regular cost.

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Industry & Skill Based Training

$2500 pays for 1 BOB Member to attend 50 Comprehensive Training Modules in the following areas:  

  • Marketing and Sales: Budgeting and Forecasting, Writing Plans for (Business Operations, Marketing, Sales and Promotions, Employee Retention, Hiring, Recruiting, Legal Documents)

  • Product Development and Presentation (Packaging, Labelling and Shipping)

  • Customer Service Training and Building Soft Skills for Specific Industries

The cost is calculated as $25 per/training course and $25 per/materials (i.e. workbook, manuals and supplies times 50 training modules which are way below the market value for comparable pricing.  

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Employ Part-Time Staff: 15hrs

$225 pays for 1 staff member to work 15 hours per/week.  Please help us ou!  

  • Office Administrative

  • Maintenance 

  • Research and Development

The cost is calculated by 1 staff member at $15/hour times 15 hours per/week. 

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12 Month BOB Membership Gift

$25 pays for 1 BOB Membership, for 1 year.  To learn about all of the BOB Membership Benefits, please visit our website at  Some of the benefits include:  

  • Unlimited Nationwide Product and Service Discounts (5% to 50% Off Regular Retail Prices)

  • BOB/BFAC Networking Events

  • 1 Social Media Live Interview Video Production SHOP BLACK (YouTube/Facebook/Periscope)

  • Sell Unlimited Products/Services in the BOB Marketplace and Partner Sites (Reach Over 100,000 People Weekly)


$25 is the Regular Cost of a BOB Membership for 12 Months.  Our pricing is very affordable and mission-driven.  Please support our cause!

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