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Sell Your Products To Black-Owned Businesses

Learn more about Black-Owned Businesses In America


We Sell Accurate, Reliable & Affordable Data For Marketing and Fundraising Purposes

There's very little accurate data focusing on the real issues that impact Black-Owned Businesses in the United States.  Our goal is to begin challenging these issues with solutions that will make a difference in our communities.


This data we collect helps:

  • ​Helps Black-Owned Businesses Get Funding From City, State, and Federal Government Agencies.

  • Provides Research That Could Influence Public Policies.

  • Enhances Public Awareness on issues and make improvements.

  • Promotes Black-Owned Business Development.  

Answer these few questions?

1.  Do you know your Customers/Clients?

2.  Do you understand what they need or their purchasing power?

3.  Are you targeting a specific population to sell your products and services?

4.  Have your sales decreased or remained stagnant for the past year?

5.   Do you understand the behavior, culture, and what influences Blacks?

If you cannot answer  any of these questions satisfactorily than 

Use Black Data

  • Get New Customers/Clients

  • Geographical References

  • Conduct Studies

  • For Funding Resources

Image by Adeolu Eletu
Black Data
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