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This survey focuses on Black Relationships, Community, and Government Investments in the worst states for Black Americans.  The data collected in our surveys are strictly used for the socio-economic betterment of Blacks.  Please answer each question to the best ability and submit your answers.  If you have questions or need help completing a survey, contact us at (888) 665-5955.

What state do you live in?
How long have you live in your residing state?
One Year or Less
1 - 5 Years
5 - 10 Years
10 - 20 Years
All of my life.
What Ethnic Group do you identify with?
Did you know that Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin are the worst states for Black Americans?
How often do you network or associate with Black Americans in a week?
7 Days
6 Days
5 Days
4 Days
3 Days
2 Days
1 Day
Do you prefer or live in a predominantly Black community?
How racially diverse is the community you live in?
Do you own any of the following Wealth Building Assets, check all of those that apply to your personal circumstances?
Do you currently invest in your local community?
Do you spend money on products and services that you really don't need?
How often in a week do you patronize Black Owned Businesses for products and services? (In Person or Online)
1 - 2 Purchases
2 - 4 Purchases
4 - 6 Purchases
6 or More Purchases
I don't patronize Blacks Owned Businesses monthly.
I don't patronize Black Owned Businesses at all.
What currently impedes on your patronage to Black Owned Businesses in your community? (Please check all of those that apply)
Do you think that the recent influx of migrants to America will have a devastating socio-economic impact on Black communities?
Should American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) receive reparations?
How well do you get along with Blacks in your community?
Very Well
Somewhat Well
Not Well
How many hours a month do you volunteer your time for any cause?
1 - 2 Hours
2 - 4 Hours
4 - 8 Hours
8 Hours or More
I don't volunteer monthly.
I don't volunteer at all.
Date and time

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