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Advertising, Marketing and Social Media

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21 Hours

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Advertising, Marketing and Social Media


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About the course

It takes good skills to run successful marketing and advertising campaigns. Learn the many different methods of Marketing: 1. Business Orientation (refers to the business philosophy and corporate culture); 2. Marketing Functions (focuses on the Customers/Clients, Cost, Convenience and Communication); 3. Marketing Environment (refers to every factor that could impact a company in the execution of the marketing strategy or decision-making processes; and 4. Market (refers to your target population and geographical locations).
We teach you Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Global Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Brand Management and Product Development. In addition to marketing, we teach how to effectively advertise. You will learn the differences between Traditional Advertising vs Retail vs Online vs Mobile vs Outdoor vs Pay Per Click Advertising Methods. Before you spend money on any campaign, you should take our course for success!

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