How do we start building Black Wealth?

Investing In Your Black Community

Start and Build A Black Owned Business

Always Buy Black - Consume BOB Products and Services



Hire Black Workers From Your Community

Mentor Many Generations - Teach Them What You Know

Why You Should Become A BOB Member?
Why Don't Blacks Support BOB's
It's Great Being Black
Ebony Jet Online
Black College Graduates
Black College Graduates
Erasing Black Businesses
Erasing Black Businesses
Race and Entrepreneurial Success
Reasons Why Black Businesses Fail
BOB's Need Cheaper Prices
Work Together and Buy In Bulk
Black Demographics Chart
Blacks Spend Trillions Of Dollars
The Rate of Population Growth
Black Population Doubling
Black Poverty Rate in the USA
Black High Unemployment Rates
Black People "Fight" Too Much

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